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Don’t be shy, a member of our team is here to help you in anyway they can. We love receiving questions about converting lofts and are thrilled to hear that you are considering a loft conversion with us. Fill out the easy to use form below and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible or call us on 07932 453477.

Loft Conversion ideas – How to create more living space in your home

Loft spaces for so many homes in the UK are forgotten spaces, closed off with a loft hatch and left in complete darkness. We suggest that you shine a light on this underused space and transform it into a brand new beautiful living space, now more than ever the possibilities may just surprise you.

Is your Loft space suitable

Not all Loft spaces are actually suitable to convert, so its important that we can establish this first. Ideally your loft should be 2.2m or higher at the mid-point. If yours is lower, you might want to reassess your options. There’s no minimum room height dictated by building regulations, but there is for staircases and access. A workaround is lowering the ceiling in the room below – you’ll have to fit a new floor in the loft as part of the conversion, so this isn’t as drastic a project as it sounds.

We also need to consider anything else that is currently in your loft, chimney stacks, water tanks and large obstacles.

1. Quiet lounge retreat reading area

A special quiet place to relax and unwind that away from the noise, complete with a comfortable sofa that you could maybe nap on and of course a special reading chair for that favourite book you have on the go right now.

2. An upstairs kitchen?

We know, a kitchen in the loft! No we haven’t gone crazy) but there are instances where a kitchen in your loft might be appropriate. A self contained flat or maybe you want to totally transform teh layout of your house, or a dedicated work space for a professional chef/baker.

Remember we said that the options are endless.

3. A upscale boutique bedroom

Transform your loft into a very special boutique style bedroom, with large open windows that allow light to pour in and wake you up each morning. A free standing bath adds that touch of luxury especially when you place it near (or directly underneath) a window.

4. A home office with ample storage

Working from home now is becoming the new norm with more and more companies encouraging remote working. Why not transform your loft into a dedicated work space tailored to your exact needs. And with no wasted space under the sloping eaves as there are many ways to utilise such space with clever storage solutions.

5. Children’s bedrooms and play space

A very popular choice is to convert the loft into either into two bedrooms or one bedroom and then a dedicated play room. A perfect way to create another bedroom in your home and have all the toys up and out of the main part of the home. Not to mention that the play room can be easily converted years later into another bedroom, bathroom or home office once the children have grown up.


Need some more inspiration for your home?

Are you still unsure if you want to convert your loft, or if in fact it will work in your home? Feel free to get in touch with us and a member of our team will organise a home visit by Alan our highly experienced Director. Alan has been converting lofts for over 25 years and has created some amazing loft spaces for our clients, and is so passionate about creating new living spaces for you.

Our slogan is ‘Move Up Not Out’ as we feel that more beneficial to use your current home to create the spaces the you want to live in compared to the upheaval of completely moving house. Our loft conversions are on average completed within 8 weeks and cost less than people think, plus you get the added bonus raising the value of your property by converting your loft.


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